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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do you think there should be Homework

I have often just sat wondering why there is home work. I mean... a student already has to sit at school for 7 hours listening to a teacher, and if you are anyhting like my self by the time the day is over a person thinks, why do i need to go home and do extra work. Many people feel like that the extra practice is a benefit, and that students need to learn alot. But if their so worried about students not getting enough practice in during the day, maybe the teachers need to stop wasting time on worthless thing such as bellringers, listening to students stories or just all the time delt with just sitting there.

There needs to be time in a students day where they can rest, spend time with their family and just stop from work. But then you have those teachers that love teaching so much they dont waste time in the class room, but still give home work in the nite. Then you have those who make you check their website on a day off and got a assignment for you.

Do you think their should be HW, comment you opinion.

Sorry if this entry wasnt enjoyable to read i am still getting used to the whole writing.

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  1. Collin, you know I love you. I think homework is essential for students. ONLY because it helps you learn to be independent. You learn to be responsible and accountable for something while you are young, and it gets easier for you to be that way when it really matters--when you are out on your own, and you have others depending on you. Now, for the ghastly amount of homework that is often assigned, I am appalled! You are correct in that kids need time to decompress and spend time with family. I totally agree. So there really just needs to be a better balance of HOW MUCH homework there is, not a question of if there should be any at all.
    BTW, homework helps you learn correct English and grammar. Something EVERYONE needs. Spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation are important to employers. Just sayin'. :)