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My blog will probably be posted everyday, but gonna consist of funny moments, whether you think they are or whatever, also my thoughts on newz articals, schol and stuff. If you dont think i interesting with this, thats fine. I understand nerds blog but you know most people call me that but thats ok.

Please do not take my racest, sarcastic, or in any form hurtful post the wrong way, i will never intend to affend

Sunday, January 16, 2011

People who annoy me

Many people tell me to not focus in the negative in people, but i feel the only way to get people to change is to tell about it.

Start with, enviromentalists.
You understand who I am describing, the freaky nerds who buy only green pruducts, even if they are 3 times more expensive, that sure isnt helping their green. They need to understand that by green pruducts, not driving cars and the stupid thing they are assoca. with is NOT going to stop this earth from doing what its doing. I mean its a good thing to try to preserve the natural elements on this planet but, really, the earth is going to get destroyed one day anyway.

The second most, in my opinion is the obese people. Know i am not saying they are not good, respectibale people, but you need to have a line somewhere. I am not talking about the people who are overweight, i was and still overweight. The people that by the word obese in this entry are the people who are so overweight, all they do is lay in bed, eat and poop. The people in walmart that have to have a electric wheel chair to get around. I mean, comeon, the elderly need those not someone is to lazy to quit eating. I mean some people have pysical or body condition so it is not possible to not be obese, i am just refering to the people who eat 8 times the needed share of food.

The third most aggervating thing is bad table manners. I am not talking about people who have their arms on the table, i am refering to the one who talks with their mouth full, and food is flying on people.

Next is the uncomfortable family time. I know everyone porbably has that person or side of their family that you Love but feel like you have nothing incommon with. I am not saying i feel that way, but i have.

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